First Presbyterian Church

Clarksburg, West Virginia
 Prayer & Study

Spiritual Growth and Prayer Group
Leader: Harriett Northey

Each Monday morning at 10:00, a devoted group gathers in the church parlor, to draw closer to God through prayer and to engage in a short series of Bible studies. All members of the church are welcome. It is an intimate group, the members of which are supporting friends for each other as well as a powerful voice to God to address the needs and concerns of others. Those who have a prayer concern to share with the group may contact Harriett Nothey. Concerns are kept in confidence.   

The Prayer Group sponsors a Prayer Chain, which is open to all in the church who care to participate.  Members of the Prayer Chain are committed to personal prayer for specific needs. To activate the prayer chain, simply call the church office or leader Harriett Northey.

Prayer Shawl Ministry  
Leader: Jackie Corsini

Our prayer shawl ministry began in July 2004 after reading an article in Horizons Magazine about a group of Presbyterian Women in Western New York.  After corresponding with them our ministry began from the Monday Morning Prayer Group.  We had 12 - 15 women who could knit and crochet.  We have made shawls, blankets, boas, scarves and chemo caps.  To date we have sent 250 to all parts of the United States with love, prayer and friendship.  This project has not only been rewarding to those who receive, but also to those who give. Those who wish to learn more about this ministry and its beginnings may want to read Knitting into the Mystery: A Guide to the Shawl-Knitting Ministry by Susan S. Izard and Susan Jorgensen.

Wednesday Night Bible Study   
Leader: Pastor John

We are currently studiying the book of Mark.   Paul wrote this letter to the church at Rome about 58 A.D.  It is a letter written to the political, military, and economic capital of Paul’s world, in which he feels compelled to discuss: "the fate and future of the Jewish people, the role of the individual in the total sweep of history, the responsibilities of the citizen to the government of the country with which he or she may not always agree, the morality of actions in which adults engage, sexual and otherwise . . . he could no more avoid such problems than could a Christian author in our day writing to Christians in Washington, D.C. One may come to Paul’s letter to the Romans therefore with great expectations." -Paul Achtemeier.

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