First Presbyterian Church

Clarksburg, West Virginia
 About Us

Our Vision and Mission

We are children of God,
intertwined to experience and exhibit love:
love for God, love for self, love for others.
Rooted and grounded in love,
we commit ourselves to
deepen our spiritual lives;
work to welcome, nurture and empower youth and young adults;
enhance and expand our older adult ministry;
embrace our downtown location, and its opportunities for mission and ministry;
develop a more faithful stewardship of all God's gifts.    


Our Staff (some of the pictures will link to an email address)   
  Rev. John F. Koerner, Pastor

  Terri Harris, Church Secretary

Mary Kay Devono, Organist

Currently seeking Chancel Choir Director

Terra Burnett, Christian Education Coordinator


Elsa Davis, Office Volunteer and Membership Secretary

  Isabella Owens, Nursery Attendant


Church Leadership

Board of Deacons
John F. Koerner, Moderator
Beckie Alvaro, Clerk
Sally Gray
Jeff Mitchell
Bryon Delawder           
David Nuzum                     
Suzi Heger                 
Buddy King
Hank Lawrence                     
Connie Leuliette                              
Kandy Atkinson                         
Bob Hardman                        

Maria Morrison, Moderator
Jane Simmerman, Vice-moderator                      
Ginger Delawder, secretary
Andrea Myberg       
Harriett Northey            
Carol Soles           
Judy McQuaid
Karen Tyson          
Lynn Sherlock           
Dottie Rinehart                      
Karen Nickerson           
Janet Wilson 
Committee Chairs Church Treasurer - Wayne Northey
Hank Lawrence - property chair           
Bryon Delawder - Stewardship
Kandy Atkinson - Fellowship           
Sally Gray- Personnel
Beckie Alvaro - Christian Education &
                             Worship and Music 
Suzi Heger - Evangelism

Assistant Treasurers.
David Allman
Jenna Bennett
Chuck Leuliette

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